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Electrodeionization (EDI):

EDI is a process that combines membrane technology with semi-permeable ion exchange resins to provide a highly efficient method for demineralization, in order to produce an industrial process water of high purity (Ultra Pure Water).  Often used after pretreatment by reverse osmosis, this process allows a reduction of over 95% of chemical usage compared to conventional ion exchange processes.

Integrating this technology for over 10 years on around 15 references in Europe, Degrémont Industry is able to offer safe and effective solutions to implement this technology.

Why choose ElectroDeionisation ?

  • Production of pure water of constant qualitative and quantitative characteristics
  • Simple and continuous monitoring of operations requiring reduced operations follow-up
  • No use of chemical reagents, reducing the environmental footprint
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Optimized power consumption
  • Non-polluting, safe and reliable process
  • Compact construction, minimal footprint