Filtration: removal of suspended solids:

Whether or not the water to be used in industrial processes has been taken from a natural source or otherwise, it often has to be pre-treated to reduce the amount of total suspended solids.

The Infilco range of modular equipment targets this specific need using filter technologies and filter media whose properties and particle size are tailored to the variety of water types that need to be treated.

filtration_fv2b_mono        filtration_fvfa_mono        filtration_bicouche

FVFA monocouche          FV2B monocouche                Version bicouches

Why choose filtration units?

Using Degrémont Industry filtration units will ensure:


  • Access to a vast array of modular equipment with devices to suit individual site needs, and with the best quality versus price ratio
  • Guaranteed reliability and proven efficiency
  • Easy implementation
  • Compliance with applicable legislation (CE and DESP standards)
  • Access to a wide selection of operating modes (FVFA or FV2B technology, single-layer or dual-layer) and builds depending on the quality of the water requiring treatment

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