Ion exchange

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Resins: auditing, supply and replacement of your resins:

Whether used to produce energy or process water, water treatment represents a major cost for industry. Therefore, sourcing a reliable water treatment facility, especially ion exchange resin units, is crucial when it comes to ensuring optimum performance and minimising equipment operating costs.

If your softening, decarbonation or demineralisation units experience a gradual or sudden drop in performance, we can offer a global solution through our range of bespoke services. This includes audits to identifying pinch points, supplying resins and supporting layers, resin replacement with a detailed internal inspection of your ion exchanger(s), and our specialised system for removing used resins (Special Industrial Waste or SIW).

Why choose the resins service?

By choosing Degrémont Industry to optimise your resins, you will benefit from:

  • Guaranteed optimal performance of your equipment with a resulting reduction in operating costs
  • Fast response times due to our large stock of resins (> 100 m³)
  • Access to our skills and knowledge of the water cycle and our experience in the various technologies used in industry, guaranteeing complete operational excellence

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