Physico-chemical treatment

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DensadegTM: physico-chemical treatment of phosphorus and suspended solids:

DENSADEGTM is a specific physico-chemical finishing treatment for suspended solids and phosphorus with a high reduction performance ratio.

DENSADEGTM is an integrated reactor generally placed after the biological treatment process. It is an external recirculation settling tank using the lamellar clarification principle for treating suspended solids. Phosphorus is removed by precipitation of phosphate ions using iron salts, which yields a high reduction performance ratio. Its modular design and performance have already been tried and tested at hundreds of sites.

An additional variant is that this equipment can be used for recycling rainwater.

Why choose DENSADEGTM?

DENSADEGTM addresses the following challenges:

  • Restrictive phosphorus disposal standards (< 1 mg/L)
  • Same treatment for phosphorus and suspended solids
  • Space constraints
  • Variable influent flow rates

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