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Ultrafiltration: total removal of suspended particles:

Ultrafiltration is used to remove all suspended particles (bacteria, parasites, viruses, organic molecules and colloids) during raw water treatment or the production of process water for cooling, boiler and manufacturing systems.

Ultrafiltration skids allow for filtration from the outside in. Each unit is easy to connect and install because of its simple plug and go elements.


 UF8M                                                UF24L

Why choose ultrafiltration?

Using the ultrafiltration technology from Degrémont Industry for your treatment process will ensure:
  • Treated water of constant quality
  • Removal of all suspended particles (physical barrier)
  • Easy connections and implementation due to an assembly of simple plug and go elements
  • Compact unit with a minimal footprint
  • Option of expanding if required
  • Automatic operation with built-in safety (automated membrane integrity testing)

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