By-products recovery




The choice of anaerobic digestion process – ANAPULSE, ANALIFT, ANAFLUX or ANAPLUS – and the subsequent implementation depend on the characteristics of the effluent requiring treatment and are based on our experience and the results of any treatability tests.

  • ANAPULSE (granular sludge (UASB)) is a process that applies to effluent from sugar refineries, wine producers and breweries
  • ANALIFT (contact reactor) is suited to chemical, pulp and paper residue, and the treatment of complex food juices
  • ANAFLUX (fluidised bed) is used to treat evaporation condensate and alcohols
  • ANAPLUS, an end-to-end solution incorporating the reuse and recycling of treated water, is an integrated solution particularly used by the biofuel industry

Why choose anaerobic digestion?

Anaerobic digestion allows you to:

  • Produce energy from effluent: typically, removing 1 ton of COD has the potential to produce around 3 500 KWh
  • Produce recoverable by-products with a small footprint

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