Reduction of sludge volume


Biocontrol: reducing sludges and costs:

The BioControl process is used at the front-end of the effluent treatment cycle. It is one of the only processes on the market that can reduce the production of biological sludge (by up to 90%) and reduce the overall treatment costs, while allowing more contaminates to be treated (increased BOD5 treatment capacity with performance reaching 95%) and maintaining the quality of the sludge. Furthermore, BioControl only requires a small initial investment and quickly pays for itself.

Setting up BioControl or the new-generation BioControl+ to reduce sludge production simply requires the addition of a bacterial growth control tank and minor adjustments to existing equipment. These processes secure a rapid return on investment.


BioControl process carries the Edelway signature, reflecting the environmental performance commitment of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT and its subsidiaries towards its customers.