Aerobic treatment

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BioforTM: high-performance biofilter aerobic treatment:

BioforTM is an aerobic biological reactor that uses bacteria attached to a specific submerged fixed-bed single-layer material with an upward water flow and airflow, and which can be used as a turnkey solutions or finishing treatment process, providing one of the best technical solutions for treating industrial effluent.

Why choose BioforTM?

BioforTM addresses the following challenges:

  • More stringent regulations around effluent disposals
  • Strict size constraints
  • High load variations
  • High flows requiring treatment
  • Combined treatment of carbon and nitrogen
  • Tolerance to toxic compounds

BioforTM is an effective solution for the biological treatment of diluted effluent from refineries and petrochemical sites and other types of water produced by the oil industry, as well as for the biological treatment of high-flow diluted effluent from the paper and pulp industry, with guaranteed improved reduction of COD and suspended solids.

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