Anaerobic biological treatment

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ANAPULSE, ANALIFT, ANAFLUX and ANAPLUS digesters: conversion of organic carbon into energy:

The ANAPULSE, ANALIFT, ANAFLUX and ANAPLUS digesters use an anaerobic biological treatment process to break down organic carbon, while generating methane which can be recovered to produce energy.


The choice of anaerobic digestion process – ANAPULSE, ANALIFT, ANAFLUX or ANAPLUS – and the subsequent implementation depend on the characteristics of the effluent requiring treatment and are based on our experience and the results of any treatability tests.

  • ANAPULSE (granular sludge (UASB)) is a process that applies to effluent from sugar refineries, wine producers and breweries
  • ANALIFT (contact reactor) is suited to chemical, pulp and paper residue, and the treatment of complex food juices
  • ANAFLUX (fluidised bed) is used to treat evaporation condensate and alcohols
  • ANAPLUS, an end-to-end solution incorporating the reuse and recycling of treated water, is an integrated solution particularly used by the biofuel industry

Why choose anaerobic digestion?

Anaerobic digestion allows you to:

  • Produce energy from effluent: typically, removing 1 ton of COD has the potential to produce around 3 500 KWh
  • Produce recoverable by-products with a small footprint

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