Membrane technologies

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UltraforTM: state-of-the-art treatment of organic pollution and suspended solids:

UltraforTM is an ultrafiltration membrane bioreactor (MBR) incorporating a specific high-performance biological treatment process for treating organic pollution and suspended solids. Ultrafor combines aerobic digestion with a separator unit featuring ultrafiltration membranes, meaning that it is particularly suited to disinfecting or recycling wastewater.

Examples of applications: biological treatment of complex effluent from food processing plants prior to disposal into the natural environment, or full biological treatment with nitrification and denitrification before part of the post-ultrafiltration flow is recycled by osmosis and UV treatment.

Why choose UltraforTM?

UltraforTM addresses the following challenges:

  • More stringent effluent discharge standards
  • Space and time constraints
  • Plants requiring upgrades with limited investments
  • Variable influent rates
  • Greater reliability during the sludge clarification stage

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