Audit & Technical assistance

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Audits and Technical Assistance

Our top industry experts with operational experience provide a comprehensive range of audits and technical services for each industrial sector.

Degremont Industry offer a broad range of technical services, and our expertise and experience spans the entire water cycle. This enables us to identify the right solution that is sustainable and deliverable from the beginning of a project. As we operate and maintain a large number of water and wastewater treatment plants across the globe, we are able to complement our technical abilities with our practical operator knowledge.

From carrying out a technical evaluation of the available technologies to overcome a water or effluent treatment problem to a full water and energy audit of your system, we can identify deliverable solutions in line with your key objectives.

  • Technical support, process troubleshooting and consultancy
  • Feasibility study
  • Water and energy audit
  • Strategic planning and risk analysis
  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Technology evaluation
  • Technical and financial due diligence
  • Asset management planning
  • Problem solving and bottleneck identification and evaluation


Automotive Plant, Water Audit

Degremont Industry carried out a full evaluation of the water systems to develop a water accountability map to within 0.7% of the current meter readings.  We also completed a market evaluation of the sites water usage and benchmarked it against industry standards. From this, we identified key water saving opportunities and efficiencies that would reduce costs and their environmental impact while reducing water consumption by 112,000m3/yr.

Power Plant, Feasibility study

The customer needed a comprehensive feasibility study to assess alternative raw water supplies and review the water treatment design for their proposed new power station. As water treatment experts, Degremont Industry were able to review the issues associated with identifying a long term sustainable water supply for the power station, analyse the technical and commercial viability of various treatment options and identify the best water treatment plant design.

Distillery, Feasibility study

 With rising energy and effluent discharge costs, the customer was looking to find an innovative and sustainable alternative solution to manage their co-products, whilst becoming less susceptible to the fluctuations in the energy and animal feed markets.  Degremont Industry carried out a detailed feasibility study which identified an initial twenty potential options. Each was then evaluated thoroughly and refined down to two fully deliverable options that delivered reduced dependency on imported gas, reduced energy costs, decreased their carbon footprint, and improved environmental compliance.