Through our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, we can provide operational and maintenance services to your facilities, irrespective of whether or not they were designed or built by us.

Our services and personalised contracts are tailored to your requirements and merge seamlessly with your resources, giving you the confidence to focus or your core business. Our organisation and operating procedures comply with the most stringent standards in terms of health and safety, supervision, on-call services and reporting. We develop and implement progress plans to continually improve the performance and productivity of the facilities under our management, using tried and testes methodology.

Every day we provide our customers with leading-edge, high-performance solutions to protecte their facilities for the future and we have a wealth of possibilities to streamlining your water cycle:

  • Audits and quantitative studies provide a detailed overview of the flows entering and leaving your plant
  • Fast-acting and effective technical support due to our intimate knowledge of your facilities, thereby guaranteeing service continuity
  • On-the-ground teams for a rapid on-site presence
  • Quantifiable recommended improvements that serve your site and the surrounding environment
  • Progress and cost optimisation plans
  • Expert advice for enhancing the reliability and security of your industrial facilities and assets
  • Knowledge, incorporation and compliance with environmental standards and social expectations
  • Analysis of your critical points and implementation of specific crisis management measures to ensure business continuity in case of an emergency
  • Optimisation of your water resource, network maintenance, management of the fire water system, rainwater / surface water recovery and energy reviews
  • Computerised maintenance management system
  • Complete traceability of all actions taken
  • Performance-based agreements, including analysis, preventive and corrective maintenance plans and actions, technical support, consultancy, audits and monitoring
  • Access to our customer extranet – Ondeo IS Direct