Third party effluent treatment

traitement site hors effluents

Degrémont Industry provide a reliable off-site water treatment service for the specific needs of industrials

Ecoflow: off-site treatment service for your industrial effluent

Your activity generates industrial effluent that often cannot be discharged into the natural environment, because it contains organic matter or suspended solids.

Ecoflow can take care of this wastewater (biodegradable effluent) and treat it off site giving you the treatment quality of a collective biological treatment plant without any need to invest in costly fixed assets.

The Ecoflow service can be quickly deployed at your site without any major changes to your process and organisation.

Ecoflow is a reliable solution that ensures compliance with legislative requirements, representing an environmentally-friendly solution geared towards your specific needs.

The Ecoflow service carries the Edelway signature, reflecting the environmental performance commitment of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT and its subsidiaries towards its customers.

Why choose Ecoflow?

Our Ecoflow service enables you to:

  • Cut back on investments by sharing water treatment assets
  • Delay any plans for a costly refit to your facilities
  • Gain extra performance from your existing facilities without any need to replace them
  • Temporarily take the strain off a limited capacity plant
  • Manage occasional increased in effluent loading
  • Guarantee compliance with legal discharge requirements, including when connected to the local grid
  • Improve service continuity with a backup solution in case of a crisis

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