Voices of Industry

Your Passion in Motion

Degrémont Industry gives the floor to its people to express their personal enthusiasm regarding their business line and the challenges linked to water treatment for industry.

Colleagues from all around the world and various functions share their passion for work and their daily life effort to protect the environment while serving our industrial customers.

Let’s meet some of our passionate associates!

Meet Bertrand

New breakthroughs are coming from having clients and technology or services partners working together at solving industrial water challenges. My job is to bring people together so that solutions can be found faster. I like such energy!

Meet Raju

Our strength comes from our ability to offer our clients integrated water solutions, which very few competitors can offer.

Meet Lorena

I’m confident in our capacity to be mobile and flexible in our work.

Meet Sunil

Working in R&D, I very much appreciate the opportunity to help shape our company’s future by anticipating and developing the new technologies of tomorrow.

Meet Sam

I am very proud of working for an organisation that manufactures equipment that enhances the quality of life of patients with renal disorders.

Meet Xavier

I’m very proud to participate to the overall goal of protecting the environment. We help industries to save water and to keep it cleaner.

Meet Paul

I am excited to come home in the evening and talk to my family about my work and the new technologies we are using to clean the water we all use.

Meet Lucina

I became passionate about the real importance for the environment and society in treating our wastewater and the big responsibility that it carries.

Meet Aude

I make every effort to put the development of employees in the spotlight. Training is a considerable asset for their development!

Meet Barbara

The entrepreneurial and problem-solving aspects of my job are stimulating and the experience of seeing the complete picture, from the development of a proposal through customer order to installation — that brings a lot of satisfaction.

Meet Damian

As a team and company, we strive to provide the safest and best service possible for our clients and personnel

Meet Jason

I firmly believe team work, self-confidence and hard work is the three key elements to develop a new business from scratch, and I enjoy the challenge.

Meet John

The reason I enjoy working for Degrémont Industry is simple: I work with great people who all want to do a great job and that makes it great place to be!

Meet Lilian

Because at the end of the day, respecting our stringent safety policy saves lives.

Meet Maria Cristina

I like working as part of a team that derives its strength from exchanges between our experienced colleagues and our younger staff brimming with dynamism.

Meet Mark

When my children were younger, they would ask me what I did at work. I wanted to make the answer as simple as possible — Daddy takes dirty water and makes it clean.

Meet Nick

I love meeting new people and using our expertise to help solve their problems. There’s nothing better than a customer thanking you for a job well done.

Meet Qing

I like working at Degrémont. We work as a team and we trust each other. We always do our best to find ways to bring real added value to customers.

Meet Temple

I love getting out the field and trying to find the solution to a very complex problem.

Meet Catherine

I am proud of my teams who fight everyday so that the customer value chain stays our strength and our difference from the definition of the need including the production activities, until the delivery of our products.

Meet Diane

There are saying “People don’t care how much you know, antil they know how much you care. That’s who we are at AmeriWater; A great team of people who care!

Meet Dominique

Waking up everyday morning having such a great and challenging job: Degrémont Industry, What Else!

Meet Egbert

As an expert in Downstream industry I am honoured to be consulted by our international customers and to contribute to their new important developments related to water and sludge.

Meet Stuart

I am passionate about raising our profile here in Australia, so Industries can better understand the reliable, safe and innovative water solutions we can tailor to their needs.

Meet Vinod

I am proud to represent a company that delivers the best solution for the customer and not for short-term gains. It’s a good feeling to be able to play an intrinsic role in implementing successful solutions which have a positive impact on the environment.