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UCM : compact membrane unit for low-cost production of demineralised water from surface water:

Developed and patented by Degrémont Industry, the UCM (Compact Membrane Unit) is an innovative modular device combining the functionality of an ultrafiltration unit and an osmosis unit on a single chassis.

It allows for the cost-effective use of water with a high fouling index, which is normally discarded due to its reputation as being too difficult to treat. It can reduce the salinity of treated water by over 95%.


Why choose UCM?

 By choosing a UCM unit, you can gain extra value out of your facilities through:

  • The use of more ecological water resources
  • The low-cost production of demineralised water
  • A reduction in discharges and water consumption by cleverly reusing the concentrate from the osmosis unit
  • No chemical waste (produced by regeneration)
  • Easy and safe use without the addition of chemical reagents (acid and soda)
  • Compact equipment with a minimal footprint
  • Quick and easy implementation

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