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UCD: compact settling-filtration-disinfection unit:

The UCD (Degrémont compact unit) is a skid-mounted settling, filtration and disinfection unit specially designed for the needs of small communities, urban areas and industries.

Modular, compact and easy to operate, this high-performance unit is versatile, delivering optimum efficiency even in difficult-to-reach areas prone to harsh weather conditions or with fluctuating water quality levels.

The UCD is an all-in-one settling, sand filter and disinfection system that produces drinking quality water, as well as water suitable for use in industrial manufacturing plants, boiler systems and cooling systems.


Why choose UCD?

By choosing UCD, you will have access to the following:

  • Compact design: units mounted on a metal platform, with civil engineering work limited to just one slab
  • Small footprint (designed for transportation in 20’ and 40’ containers)
  • Fast delivery and installation
  • Simple operation and minimal operating costs
  • Use of versatile equipment that can be fine-tuned to tackle difficult situations
  • Possible use for removing iron

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