Conditioning products and associated services for water treatment


SUEZ water conditioning services operates throughout the industrial water cycle: from make-up water treatment to utilities (cooling and boiler systems) and waste (industrial effluent treatment plants). We offer complete solutions, including treatment products, equipment and services that are perfectly adapted to the protection and safety of industrial facilities.

water conditioning services

All of our teams, whether in our sales or technical department, are highly knowledgeable and experienced to assist you in finding the best technical solutions for your facilities. We can therefore not only provide you with high-quality products but also with the expertise, knowledge and flexibility required to maintain the level of service necessary to meet your needs.


Our Technical Centre, based in La Courneuve, is home to our research and development activities and in-house laboratory. In particular, the Technical Centre provides the following type of support:

  • Development of new technologies and new products
  • Application Support: advice and recommendations, on-site services (audits, pilot studies, drafting of technical documents, etc.)
  • Laboratory Support:
    • laboratory analyses (chemical analysis of water, analyses of deposits and resins, detection of Legionella in cooling systems, etc.)
    • specific studies (expertise in corrosion, assessment of the behaviour and performance of corrosion inhibitors and scale prevention formulations etc.)
    • expertise in microbiology (risk analyses and training courses to help in the fight against the proliferation of Legionella in industrial water facilities .)

Furthermore, we have a team of coordinators and a range of equipment at your disposal to assess the performance of facilities and our products.


We have a network of sales technicians and engineers throughout the country. Our teams monitor your facilities on a daily basis through analyses, and water and product consumption reports, and provide you with recommendations to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment that has been implemented.

We provide a local monitoring service and preferred dedicated point of contact, which guarantees a true long-term partnership.

Thanks to the expertise of our teams, our commitment is to:

  • Future-proof your facilities by managing all risks associated with water use
  • Prevent corrosion, scale and clogging
  • Optimize maintenance times and operating costs
  • Improve water and energy consumption
  • Reduce the environmental impact of your facilities by optimising formulations and dosages


In order to transfer expertise and support you in your self-sufficiency strategy, we offer a tailored training service through our centre, aqualead ® training.

aqualead ® training is the SUEZ training centre dedicated to water-conditioning business activities. It has around ten basic to advanced training courses that it runs throughout Europe in all fields related to water treatment. Our courses may be run on our premises in La Courneuve (France),Lyon (France), Daventry (UK), or directly on your site. We adapt the content of the courses to your needs: each module is flexible and we create tailor-made sessions.

By providing regular training for your employees, you will be able to become increasingly self-sufficient in your markets and gradually reduce the service costs associated with water treatment.


Sustainable development forms part of our pledge to guarantee results:

  • Economic:

Access to cutting-edge technology, reduced use of water and reagents, support to control power consumption, competitive products, implementation of progress plans

  • Environmental:

Optimisation of the quality of the water entering and leaving the systems, implementation of tracking plans and recycling solutions, fast response times and reports available for distribution among all stakeholders

  • Social:

Secure facilities and personal safety, regular quality audits



Water conditioning products

SUEZ water conditioning services offer a large selection of chemical products to secure and protect all of your facilities. Our aqualead® range is available in the form of complete solutions through our MF range as well as tailored solutions to meet specific needs or applications and thus meet health, regulatory and environmental requirements.


Our teams guarantee control over the quality of feed water and make-up water of low and medium-pressure heating systems, and peak performance from your facilities. Our control of the boiler system water cycle allows us to protect your steam production systems against scaling, dirt on heating surfaces and corrosion so that high-quality steam can be produced. Our expertise in the cooling process lets you manage the risk of Legionella and protects your systems against corrosion and scaling, thus allowing the implementation of a management system that meets your needs.

New: aqualead® nexgen range
This range comprises corrosion and scale inhibitors with a low environmental impact, which are non-corrosive to guarantee user safety.

The constituent products were designed with the environment in mind: they are free of metals, contain a low level of phosphorus and use highly biodegradable polymers.
aqualead® MF range (multi-function)
Our experience in the auditing and processing of procedures has allowed us to develop a broad range of multi-functional products, each of which has several protective qualities. The products in the aqualead® MF range are simple to use as they only require a single point of injection to combine several actions.

Alternatively, our experts can provide you with a solution that is tailored to your constraints and based on the following product ranges.

aqualead® AF range (anti-foaming)
This range guarantees the non-contamination of your steam by carryover or windage phenomena.

aqualead® AS range (anti-scale)
This range inhibits scale in cooling systems and eliminates clogging in membrane processes. It thereby improves the performance of industrial facilities.

aqualead® BC range (biocide)
This range limits bacterial activity in systems, particularly Legionella, by using various active ingredients, whether oxidant products or organic biocides.

aqualead® CD range (detergent & dispersant)
This range prevents the flow of water from slowing down due to deposits and scale. It thereby allows clogged systems to be cleaned in-line without the need to stop production.

aqualead® CI range (corrosion inhibitor)
This range protects cooling and boiler systems against corrosion by using very different types of technology: oxygen reducers, neutralizing and coating amines, passivants, alkalizers or specific metal inhibitors.

aqualead® PO range (phosphating agent)
This range stabilises the alkalinity of the water and inhibits corrosion phenomena in the boiler.


We provide you with mechanical thickening and dehydration solutions for sludge as well as solutions for other solid/liquid separation processes.

aqualead® AM range (anti-foaming)
This range consists of products that contain diverse active ingredients that provide solutions to all problems related to foam in treatment plants.

aqualead® CO range
This range consists of a vast selection of coagulants, whether mineral, organic or mixed.

aqualead® FL ranges
This range offers a varied selection of powdered or emulsion flocculants, anionic as well as cationic, to optimize solid/liquid separation procedures.


Equipment and systems dedicated to water conditioning

As an expert in water treatment, SUEZ water conditioning services offers a complete range of equipment to optimize the quality, productivity and performance of your industrial facilities while also ensuring, for example, substantial water savings.
We offer all types of equipment, including specific equipment dedicated to the use of our products, small injection or regulation equipment and more complex facilities (such as osmosis units or softeners, for example).


We have developed specific equipment dedicated to the use of our products, including: controllers for anti-corrosion treatment or scale prevention in cooling systems and specially designed storage solutions for the optimal safety of your facilities.

aqualead® genox, for the treatment of cooling towers without biocides
aqualead® genox is a range of oxidant generators which make use of electrolysis, thereby allowing cooling systems to be treated without the use of chemical biocides. It therefore removes the need to store and handle hazardous products. In addition, as our aqualead® genox solution can be hired, it requires no investment. An optimal solution to treat your systems safely!

aqualead® easyfeed, for the safe storage of your products
In response to environmental and safety regulations on the handling of chemical products, we provide a storage system that ensures a safe and healthy working environment: aqualead® easyfeed. It also reduces container removal costs and your responsibility for these containers. We offer a turnkey service, including unloading adapted to your specific needs and collection of empty containers.

aqualead® watch, for the optimized monitoring of your cooling systems
aqualead® watch is a continuous water analyser that regulates the injection of anti-corrosion and scale prevention products in cooling systems. It works by measuring a specially selected fluorescent tracer that is incorporated into our formulations. With a self-cleaning system and a xenon lamp, aqualead® watch is a robust device that allows your facilities to be rigorously monitored.

aqualead® access, centralization of your facilities’ data
aqualead® access is a software program that allows you to monitor, manage and centralise all of the information associated with the treatment of your facilities. It allows you to record all of your water analyses and thereby:

  • Monitor the various parameters online.
  • Be alerted in the event of a fault.
  • Safeguard processes.
  • Contribute to improving performance.

aqualead® access also lets you automatically report data sent by your water treatment devices through a GSM network, thereby facilitating the management of your facilities.


Following a comprehensive assessment of your needs and analyses of the water to be treated, our engineering department can offer you tailored solutions based on accurate measurements. Our facilities are designed and built in order to guarantee their efficiency and lifetime with a minimum of maintenance.

Our range comprises the following equipment in particular:

  • Reverse osmosis
  • Filtration
  • Softening
  • Skids


Together with the provision of our industrial water treatment products, we also offer a range of equipment and systems that optimize their implementation, for injection as well as regulation.

For example, we offer:

  • Dosing pumps
  • Water meters
  • Dosing tanks
  • Brominators
  • Blowdown controllers
  • On-line analysers