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Upstream Oil & Gas
Offshore, Australia

Engineering and Procurement contract for upstream multi-level gas processing modules

When completed the Inpex Ichthys semi-submersible Central Processing Facility (CPF) will be the largest of its type in the World. Degremont Industry, via Process Group, will deliver a fuel gas module and three glycol regeneration modules with a combined weight approaching 600 ton. The fuel gas module removes H2S and mercury from the CPF fuel gas system and the glycol regeneration modules regenerate spent glycol before it is recycled to the gas dehydration units. When fully operational the CPF will process in excess of 1,500 MMSCFDof gas per day. The selection of Process Group to supply the fuel gas and glycol regeneration modules is a testament to Process Group’s reputation as a tier 1 provider of gas processing solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Upstream Oil & Gas
Bowen Basin, Australia

Engineering and Procurement contract for upstream gas processing packages

This project involved the conversion of coal seam gas (CSG) to liquefied natural gas (LNG) for export to global markets and represented a significant success for Degremont Industry, via Process Group. Process Group provided seven gas processing packages for the Santos GLNG’s Hub Compressor Stations in the Fairview and Roma regions. The TEG gas dehydration packages process in the order of 600 MMSCF of CSG per day, dehydrating the wet gas post compression such that it is suitable for the gas pipeline. Process Group delivered project success through local engineering, manufacture and technical support. This success has ultimately led to a five year maintenance and technical services agreement with Santos.

Upstream Oil & Gas
Offshore, Brazil

Engineering and procurement contract for floating desalination  

Degremont Industry and Keppels FELS were awarded a contract by Petrobras for the supply of two sulphate removal units and two seawater desalination units to be installed on two floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) ships for offshore oil extraction and production off the Brazilian coast. The sulphate removal units will treat seawater so it can be used for well injection. This process avoids clogging the deposit’s porous rock to ensure enhanced oil recovery (EOR). The reverse osmosis units will produce fresh water from seawater to lower the crude oil’s salt content.

Refining & Petrochemicals
China, Chengdu

Engineering and procurement contract for the effluent treatment and reuse plant at PetroChina refinery.

The first of its kind in China, the wastewater treatment plant for the Petrochina refinery in Chengdu, Sichuan province, treats process water and allows part of it to be reused, thereby helping save the region’s water resources. With a daily capacity of 67,000 cu. m., the plant includes a conventional treatment line and a polishing treatment line. More than one third of the wastewater can be reused thanks to its ozonation treatment – the largest such unit ever installed in China (200 kg per hour) – biological filtration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and brackish water treatment. The treatment line also handles treated stormwater.

In Chengdu, PetroChina refines 10 million tons of crude oil and produces 800,000 tons of ethylene a year.

Metals and Mining
Santiago, Chile

Operation and Maintenance contract for the Codelco molybdenum treatment plant.
Codelco is the world’s leading copper producer. Degrémont Industry built and maintains the effluent treatment plant at the El Teniente mine in Chile, the world’s largest underground mine. Under the operation and maintenance contract, the plant lowers the molybdenum concentration in the wastewater to less than the required 1 ppm despite the high flow rate (2.5 cu. m. per second) and adjusts the pH in order to meet the increasingly stringent environmental regulations in force in Chile.

Power Plant
Pennsylvania, USA 

Design, supply and commissioning of a biological system for the removal of heavy metals at GenOn’s Conemaugh coal-fired power plant,  to achieve consistent compliance with imminent regulations on discharges of selenium, mercury and hexavalent chromium.

Upstream Oil & Gas
Alberta, Canada

Design and supply of water treatment equipment  at the Christina Lake Oil Sands development  project in Alberta for Cenovus Energy ,  including  ion exchange equipment  with regeneration systems.

Jorf Lasfar, Morocco

Design, supply and commissioning of water treatment equipment for OCP in Morocco.
The new Jorf Lasfar plant is managed by the state-owned national phosphates company OCP (Office Chérifien des Phosphates), the world’s largest exporter of phosphates and derivatives.

Refinering & Petrochemicals
Grangemouth, UK

Complete management of the water cycle at the Ineos refinery in Grangemouth.
At the largest industrial site in Scotland, Ineos refines approximately 200,000 barrels of crude oil a day and produces ethylene, ethanol and plastics.

Pulp & Paper
Montes de Plata, Uruguay

Engineering and procurement contract for the water treatment facilities (production of demineralised water, effluent treatment, etc.) at the Montes del Plata paper mill.
In Uruguay, the Montes del Plata project is the largest private investment that the country has ever seen. The paper mill churns out 1.3 million tons of cellulose (pulp) every year.

Chauny, France

Installation of a mobile process water production unit to cope with spikes in production at the Dow site in Chauny, France.
With operations in 36 countries around the world and 197 production sites, Dow is one of the world’s leaders in the chemical industry and is committed to achieving ambitious sustainable development goals.