Sustainable development

Des solutions de traitement d'eau au service de la performance environnementale et économique des industriels

Degremont Industry is committed to a sustainable development policy built around the water cycle needs and challenges facing industry.

Sustainable development is increasingly being used as a response to the demands of the industrial world to achieve exemplary environmental performance. Degrémont Industry provides support to all sectors of industry in choosing the right solutions for their needs, in the face of ever more stringent legislation. As a long-term partner, Degrémont Industry’s customers can leverage its water treatment knowledge and expertise to achieve their objectives and conform to their environmental constraints.

Degremont Industry is a socially responsible company and constantly strives to deliver on its stakeholders’ expectations. Environmental protection is not a hindrance, but an opportunity for development, which is why we are doing everything possible to allow future generations to inherit a “responsible planet” where every business has an important role to play.

Degremont Industry is committed to enhancing the environmental performance of its industrial customers with its services bearing the Edelway hallmark: BioControl and Ecoflow.

Our approach of sustainable development:

Our approach focuses on the main sustainable development issues (economic, environmental and social) and tackles the major water cycle challenges facing industry.

Degrémont Industry strives to help each industrial section fulfill their own sustainable development commitments through innovative, long-term solutions designed to suit their current and/or future needs.

Optimising water resources

  • Reducing volumes and costs: conserving water resources

Controlling discharges and complying with standards

  • Compliance with legislative requirements

Optimising energy

  • Optimising energy consumption and costs

Optimising / recovering sludge and by-products

  • Recovering sludge / optimising costs and by-products

HR / HSQE Management

  • HSQE excellence
  • Highly skilled and expertised management