Who are we?

100% dedicated to industrial customers

Degremont Industry, your partner in sustainable, efficient and cost-effective water management for industry, federates all of Degremont’s industrial activities. From water resources through discharge, our expertise, technological solutions and services span the entire industrial water cycle:

  • Water resource (surface water / seawater / brackish water / groundwater / recycled water)
  • Process water (process water / industrial water / injection water / pure and ultra-pure water / boiler feed water, condensate polishing / cooling water / drinking water and bottled water / recycled water)
  • Industrial wastewater (wastewater from industrial production / produced water / recycled water / contaminated groundwater)

Working at your side in pursuit of everyday priorities – protect the environment, manage risks and improve your competitive performance

With a footprint covering Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East, Degremont Industry is a global player delivering solutions to help its customers in industry meet their specific challenges and thereby:

Your benefits by choosing Degremont Industry:

  • A partner for your sustainable development policy: water resources protection, by-product recovery
  • A network of experts specialised in industrial challenges and Degrémont’s innovative capabilities
  • Reliable and secure water production processes to guarantee the continuity of industrial production
  • Experience sharing, plant ergonomics and proper operation thanks to our dual builder-operator expertise
  • Compliance with environmental standards and reduction of your environmental footprint.
  • Shared Gain sharing, optimum asset preservation with preventive maintenance plans
  • Enhanced production process, costs and consumables control with Key Performance Indicators (KPI), therefore enhancing your competitiveness