Control risks, costs and investments and increase productivity

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Competitive performance is one of the main challenges facing industries around the world. By optimising both OPEX and CAPEX, water represents a source of added value for industry.

In light of the constantly changing face of the economic climate, controlling your operational expenditure and safeguarding your investment capabilities must dovetail with your production needs and respect for the environment.

Improving management of your water cycle is an effective way of tackling this challenge and enhancing your competitiveness. Water is more than just an expense - it is also a source of added value for your business.

Degrémont Industry delivers the necessary support to produce plans for improving and optimising your water cycle. Our bespoke services and solutions will ensure that the management of your facilities is scaled to the needs of your site.

In addition to the daily operation of your facilities, Degrémont Industry also gives your company a long-term view. We can help you bring your costs and investments under control, while increasing your productivity.

Our specific solutions for CONTROLLING costs and investments, and INCREASING productivity

Mobile water treatment unit leasing – meet your water needs with a flexible, cost-effective solution

Do you have requirements for industrial water production but are unable to build a permanent facility? Are you looking for a solution that can produce high-quality water while optimising your operational expenditure?

Leasing of mobile industrial water treatment units is one of the solutions offered by Degrémont Industry to meet your requirements.

Process design and engineering – enhancing the installed base with in-depth process knowledge and cutting-edge technological solutions

Degrémont Industry offers an end-to-end range of leading-edge treatment processes to improve the energy efficiency of your water treatment facilities, reduce the use of water and consumables, and recover the by-products:

  • Greenbass (improves aeration in the biological tank, representing the most energy-intensive item in the water treatment plant).
  • High-performance aeration and heat recovery systems (superior energy efficiency for your facility).
  • Biocontrol (reduction in the sludge generated).
  • Anaerobic digestion (sludge recovery).
  • Oxyblue (wastewater reuse and reduction in drinking water consumption).

Operation & maintenance – leverage the expertise of our specialists

Thanks to our team of highly skilled professionals, we can provide operational and maintenance services for your facilities, irrespective of whether or not they were designed or built by us.

We implement indicators to monitor facility performance and productivity to get the best out of the existing installations.

Our solutions for enhancing your facilities

  • Implementation of progress plans, with guaranteed results.
  • Improved cooling tower performance.
  • Replacement of exchangers.
  • Re-engineered membrane processes.


Maximum performance in Scotland for the Ineos Grangemouth refinery

Since 2003, Degrémont Industry, acting through Ondeo IS, has been operating the process water production and wastewater treatment installations at the Ineos refinery in Grangemouth.

The water-intensive site (over 55,000 m³/day) uses a complex array of water and effluent treatment systems.

After setting up a 20-year contract, Degrémont Industry has carried out a number of actions in a bid to improve and enhance the water cycle, with all gains shared by both parties:

  • Environmental protection and compliance.
  • Improved reliability of water supply.
  • Reuse and reduction in wastewater discharge by 2.5 million litres/day.
  • Development and delivery of an environmental management system that exceeds stringent requirements.

This partnership has helped Ineos achieve annual savings of over €7 million.