Guarantee the continuity of industrial production

Garantir de la continuité de la production

In industry, process water supplies and compliance with effluent treatment regulations are strategic challenges for guaranteeing the continuity of production.

Whether the water feeds the product manufacturing process or is used for steam productioncooling or washing, any failure in the process water production unit could have an immediate knock-on effect on your industrial’s site production. A nonconforming effluent treatment process could also bring production to a standstill or a temporary halt.

Degrémont Industry delivers support to minimise the risk of any production downtime and offers a broad array of solutions for:

  • Ensuring your process water supply in the required quantities.
  • Guaranteeing water quality.
  • Dealing with variable production levels (new product releases or slowdown in production) with a range of modular, flexible equipment.
  • Working around a fault in your water production facility with our range of mobile services.

Our solutions designed to guarantee THE CONTINUITY OF production

Preventive maintenance – ensuring the sustainability of your water treatment facilities

Ensuring the continuity of production involves regular maintenance to your water production facilities. Degrémont Industry delivers the necessary support by setting up maintenance plans scaled to your production line, complete with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and guaranteed results. Our dual  builder-operator expertise is an undeniable advantage in ensuring the sustainability of your water treatment facilities.

Mobile water treatment units – responding to emergencies or covering temporary requirements without increasing your CAPEX

Degrémont Industry can provide mobile water treatment units for immediate use in case of an emergency, a fault, a failure in your water production system or a sudden deterioration in your water resource.

Our units are operational in next to no time and guarantee the quality and quantity of water required for your facility to comply with applicable regulations and the safety rules specific to your industrial site.

Mobile units are also the ideal solution for planned maintenance and servicing operations, or when upgrading your existing equipment, starting up new installations (steam blowing…) or dealing with variations in production levels.

Third-party effluent treatment – ensuring compliance with regulations without having to invest in fixed assets

Your activity generates industrial effluent that cannot be discharged into the natural environment, because it contains organic matter or suspended solids, but you do not have your own treatment plant. Ecoflow takes care of this wastewater (biodegradable effluent) and gives you the treatment quality of a collective biological treatment plant without any need to invest in fixed assets.

Modular equipment – flexibility guaranteed

Degrémont Industry offers a unique range of individually customisable treatment modules. Our space-saving, cost-effective and easy-to-use units are skid-mounted or standalone systems, and are delivered ready for connection.

These modular units can be used to meet occasional spikes in production and all your temporary water production or treatment needs.


Mobile water treatment solution for the Dow site in Chauny

To overcome a sudden production spike in one of the units at the Dow site in Chauny, Degrémont Industry deployed a type DP50 double-pass reverse osmosis mobile unit in less than 72 hours, providing two treatment lines each with a capacity of 25 m³/h and capable of producing high quality water from drill water.

Montes del Plata - delivering the quantity and quality of water required for pulp production in Uruguay

Degrémont Industry was contracted by Arauco and Stora Enso to build a process water production plant for the Montes del Plata paper mill in Uruguay. Playing an essential role in guaranteeing continuity for the production of 1.3 million tons of cellulose a year, the demineralisation plant built by Degrémont Industry filters water from the Rio del Plata river prior to use in the cooling towers. Furthermore, the effluent treatment facility helps keep the environmental impact under control.