Optimise water and energy consumption

optimisation de la consommation d'eau

Reducing energy needs and protecting water resources are major challenges facing the 21st century. Solutions are available for achieving maximum energy efficiency and optimising water consumption.

In the world, over 20% of water is consumed by industry. The increasing scarcity of water resources and fossil fuels has propelled the need to reduce water and energy consumption during the water cycle to the top of industry’s agenda.

Adapting water quality to suit your specific needs (washing or cooling…) can generate considerable savings within your water cycle.

At a water treatment plant, energy is often the second largest expense item after labour. Optimising energy consumption can quickly become a major performance lever for your plant.

Drawing on its expertise in operating and maintaining industrial sites, and thanks to its broad range of innovative products and services, Degremont Industry can help you rise to the challenge of cutting your water and energy consumption.

Our technologies for OPTIMISING your water and energy CONSUMPTION

Greenbass™ - energy efficiency guaranteed

The most energy-intensive component of a treatment plant is aeration, accounting for 40 to 70% of the energy used. Greenbass™ continuously adjusts the airflow delivered to the biological sludge treatment stage and saves considerable money on energy consumption.

Anaerobic digestion of sludge – produce energy from by-products

Anaerobic digestion can be used to produce energy from effluent treatment – typically, removing 1 ton of COD has the potential to produce around 3,500 kWh.

Recycling and reuse – protecting the resource and reducing water consumption

Reducing environmental impacts also involves reducing water consumption. Drawing strength from the latest recirculation innovations, the broad array of technologies on offer from Degremont Industry allows process water to be reclaimed and wastewater reused in complete safety (demineralised water…).


Performance-enhancing solutions for Heineken in Tadcaster (United Kingdom)

Heineken was on the lookout for a partner capable of boosting the performance of its effluent treatment unit for its breweries in Manchester and Tadcaster. Heineken chose Degremont Industry to dispatch a team of specialists and come up with a progress plan, complete with results guaranteed.

Degremont Industry worked closely alongside Heineken in identifying opportunities for saving money and optimising performance. Examples of cost-saving solutions include the installation of an anaerobic digester for producing biogas, including a purifier. The biogas produced is redirected to the site’s boilers for generating steam. This solution enabled Heineken to drastically cut its energy bill, while reducing its environmental footprint.