Water and wastewater treatment for the chemical industry

Faced with growing competition, the chemicals industry is radically changing. It needs to achieve mass production and economies of scale in a market that  is constantly evolving.

Water is an important raw material in the field of basic chemistry. Efficient management of the industrial water cycle can affect production performance, operating costs and the environment at every site (which are often Seveso-classified and sometimes highly regulated).

During site restructure, the longstanding operators of newly formed multi-partner chemical companies no longer have the resources to continue managing their utilities alone. They then look to delegate this area, so that they can refocus on their own core production activities. Managing water treatment facilities requires a high-level of expertise  to deal with variable effluent quality and concentrations, while complying with stringent HSQE standards.

Degremont Industry particularly operates in the following chemicals sectors :

  • Basic chemistry
  • Speciality chemistry
  • Petrochemical products, including solvents, paints, varnishes, inks and mastics, nitrogen products and fertilisers, synthetic rubbers, plastics, pesticides and agrochemical products, acids, adhesives, explosives, and artificial or synthetic fibres


Degremont Industry supports DOW by guaranteeing that process water requirements, necessary for the production of ion exchange resins, are met during periods of increased production at the Chauny site. It helps the company to reach its environmental performance objectives by treating organic halogen compounds (AOX), which are difficult to biodegrade.

Discover the extraordinary collaboration between DOW Chemical, one of the major global players in the chemical industry, and Degremont Industry, the process water and industrial wastewater treatment specialist!

It all started when DOW Chemical placed an order for an Omobile®unit for the production of process water by reverse osmosis in order to guarantee that process water requirements, necessary for the production of ion exchange resins (IER), were met during a period of increased production at Dow’s biggest IER manufacturing site at Chauny.

In less than 72 hours, Degremont Industry installed a mobile water treatment unitusing membranes and reagents which met the site’s highest quality standards.  This meant  that the quality and quantity of water were guaranteed and complied with Seveso II site regulations and very stringent safety rules.

This level of efficiency and performance did not escape the attention of Christopher Wallon, Dow’s Production Engineer, who observed that “Degremont Industry was able to combine a fast response and a quality of service, whilst  maintaining production.

This collaboration is still continuing when DOW Chemical awarded Degremont Industry with the engineering and construction of a new double process, organic halogen compounds (AOX) treatment unit, containing activated carbon filters in the context of the extension of its industrial effluent treatment plant. The filters operate in series thereby guaranteeing flexibility and additional safety in respect to discharge quality as well as  decreasing  environmental impacts.