micro électronique

Water treatment for the microelectronics industry

The microelectronics industry is probably the faster  growing industry with the most variation caused by technical advancements. This has lead to a highly competitive, market and its tendency for cyclical growth means that suppliers must be both flexible and responsive, guaranteeing levels of quality and technical excellence that match the high standards achieved by the industry itself in its products.

Constant miniaturisation, in accordance with ITRS guidelines (International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors), places ever more stringent water quality requirements on the microelectronics industry. Used as a rinse agent during the various component production phases, water is vitally important in the manufacturing process, whilst having to comply with increasingly strict effluent discharge standards.

The microelectronics industry is aware of its environmental responsibilities, choosing production processes that increasingly take this aspect into account and seeking new approaches to water treatment or the production of ultra-pure water at a reasonable cost.


Degremont Industry operates in all areas of the microelectronics industry:

  • Components
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Computers
  • Communications equipment
  • Production of magnetic and optical media