Upstream Oil & Gas (Exploration & Production)

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Water treatment for Upstream Oil and Gas industry

Water is a key part  for the Upstream Oil & Gas industries, from oilfields exploration to oil and gaz production. Whether it is for Enhanced Oil recovery (EOR) or chemical EOR, for reuse or discharge, water quality is crucial.

Degremont Industrysupplies robust and reliable water treatment systems and services to ensure the long lasting service life of facilities, as well as to meet requirements related to environmental constraints and discharge limits.


  • External source of water for injection
    Depending on the water resource available (seawater, brackish water, freshwater), water treatment solutions differ in order to produce Injection Water.
  • Produced Water / Waste water
    Generated by the Exploration & Production activity, the Produced Water needs to be treated before reuse or discharge to the environment.
  • Reuse / Produced Water reinjection
    The recycling of the Produced Water limits the external water source consumption.

A comprehension of challenges facing EOR

For Injection and/or Enhanced Oil Recovery purposes, water treatment process lines differ depending on the external water resource available and on the water quality required by reservoirs – i.e. particles (5-2-1μ) and salinity adjustment.

Moreover this injection water quality (e.g. filters, deoxygenation processessulphate removal) must not cause corrosion or indirect decreased oil production. Water treatment process lines have to meet requirements related to reservoirs as well as those related to local regulations and environmental constraints. Cost optimisation of water treatment lines remains a fundamental concern and requires innovative or tailor-made solutions which meet the complex conditions and needs of Upstream Oil & Gas industrials.

With more than 80 references worldwide, Degremont Industry has developed a proven technical expertise for sustainable management of the Oil and Gaz industry water cycle which applies to all the following sectors:

  • Conventional Oil and Gas Industries 
    Heavy Oil, Light Oil
  • Unconventional Oil and Gas Industries
    Extra Heavy Oil, Oil Sands, Shale Oil & Gas, Tight Oil & Gas, Ultra deep reservoirs, Pre-salt reservoirs, Coal Seam Gas, Coal Bed Methane