Water treatment for the power industry

Almost all forms of energy production and power generation are dependent on water. To cope with major changes in policy, climate and population, operators of thermal power plants (coal, lignite, fuel oil, gas, biomass,  biogas, nuclear and solar) must improve their operational environmental performance.

Degremont Industry can help the power industry to rise the following objectives:

  • Maintain or improve their energy plant’s competitive advantage by controlling water quality at the various application points;
  • Comply with increasing environmental and health’ constraints.



Whether used to feed the high (steam system) or the low-temperature reservoirs (cooling systems), producing water to a suitable quality or in large quantities (depending on requirements) has a substantial impact on the facility’s energy efficiency.

The solution is to choose and/or fine-tune the optimum water treatment process in response to available water resources and the environmental impact within the wider context of sustainable development.